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Sauces, dips, or any other dressing can be the ultimate finisher for any kind of meal. Sauces always add a new level of complementary, complex, and harmonious flavors to your meal. Around the globe, you will always come across a variety of sauces to accompany your dishes.  

Take a whistle-stop tour and indulge in the very most popular sauces around the globe: 

1. Ponzu 

A renowned Japanese sauce with a taste like soy sauce but with a citrus kick. This sauce can be used when dressing salads, marinating meat, and dipping sauce for seafood. 

2. Chermoula 


  1. Saffron 
  1. Coriander 
  1. Parsley 
  1. Garlic 
  1. Cilantro 

Chermoula is a North African sauce. It’s mainly used on roasted vegetables and grilled meat. 

3. Pebre 


  1. Tomatoes 
  1. Cilantro 
  1. Habanero 
  1. Pepper 

Pebre is a famous sauce from Chile where they have this spicy sauce during barbecues and asados. 

4. Sauce Tartare 


  1. Mayonnaise 
  1. Parsley 
  1. Chervil 
  1. Tarragon 
  1. Capers 

Sauce tartare is a mayonnaise-based sauce that originated in France. Traditionally it is made with mayonnaise but at times some may opt for crème Fraiche with options to include spices and mostly chopped parsley, chervil, tarragon, capers, and pickles. However, you can also add boiled egg yolks.  

5. Cacik 

     Main Ingredients

  1. Olive oil 
  1. Yogurt 
  1. Water 
  1. Mint 
  1. Lemon Juicy- can be optional 
  1. Garlic  
  1. Cucumber 

Famous in Turkey and Ottoman countries, it’s a refreshing sauce made with strained diluted yogurt with finely chopped cucumbers and minced garlic. Traditionally it’s flavored with dill weed, mint, olive oil, lemon juice, or vinegar. Sometimes you can add oregano, thyme, sumac, and paprika. 

Cacik is usually served chilled and may be used variably for virtually everything from different appetizers to main dishes. 

6. Rouille 


  1. Saffron 
  1. Garlic 
  1. Hot peppers 
  1. Olive oil 
  1. Breadcrumbs  

Rouille is a thick French sauce that is used as a garnish for fish and fish soup dishes mostly in the famous traditional Provençal fish stew known as bouillabaisse. Sometimes it’s called rust due to the intense reddish-brown color of the sauce. 

Final word 

The sauce can act as a meal accompaniment to some people and to others it enhances the taste. Therefore, each culture has its own unique sauce that best complements its respective cuisine. The sauce is what makes the world go ‘round! 

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