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Absolutely World Class is the quintessential family business. Mr. Gooch, his wife, 3 daughters, and grandkids live and breathe sauces! Our family has three generations of experience in the business of manufacturing, bottling and distributing high quality sauces.

Our story began in 1991, when our father Robert Gooch discovered a world class recipe in Abilene, Texas. The recipe was created by a local woman who crafted lunches and salads. Our father was so impressed with the flavor that he offered to help her get it into the local grocery stores. Before long, the pair were in business together, discovering and creating new recipes of their own.

The Absolutely World Class brand generated so much local excitement that major supermarket chains like Walmart began stocking their shelves with our products.

With our recipes already loved by families across Texas, we are now looking to help others share in the creation process that has brought our family so much joy. In 2019, we began expanding our business into private labeling and co-packing, which is where we take your recipe into our kitchen and use our manufacturing expertise to craft your unique creation.

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