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When it comes to sauce, we all have different approaches to it. Adding sauce is one way of perking up dinner no matter what’s on the table. When it comes to meat, sauce turns everything around. Any type of meat offered without sauce doesn’t taste the same without sauce. That’s what makes sauce a staple for every family out there. It can be homemade sauce or off-the shelf sauce but all in all, meat can’t be offered without some sauce. But what are some of the best sauces for meat? 

  • Italian Salsa Verde 

For grilled meat or any other meat, this sauce is a no-brainer. It gives meat additional flavor and texture making the meat irresistible. Its prepared using herbs such as Mario Batali for people who love a deep and intense flavor. You can also keep it simple and use parsley and get a punchy caper-based sauce. 

  • Chimichurri 

Some people say that meat goes well with smoked vegetables or other well-prepared veggies. If you’re this kind of person, Chimichurri is the sauce for you. It’s a tangy herb sauce with a little kick compared to the salsa Verde. If you have rich steak, this sauce gives your meat a perfectly balanced flavor. 

  • Teriyaki Sauce 

It’s a Japanese sauce with a sweet/savory taste honed to a tee. When perfectly made, the sauce is great for grilled meat like chicken, pork, and fish. It has to be thick and glossy enough but not excessively to deliver the flavor required. 

  • Poblano Sauce 

When you’re grilling meat, how about you prepare some poblanos on the go? When roasted or grilled, poblanos get a fruity and smoky flavor that is great with medium rare steak. To make the poblano sauce extra rich, blend the poblanos into aioli or puree the pepper with corn. Your steak never tasted better. 

  • Gremolata 

If you love the thought of herb-based sauce but with no tangy flavors, gremolata is for you. Its more garnish but delivers rich flavor on your meat. 

  • Compound Butter 

Do you believe in piling decadence on top of decadence? How about you try your meat with compound butter? Flavored butter blended with parsley and Cognac for example is amazing with any meat. If you need something with a stronger smell and flavor, try it with Parmesan and anchovies. 

  • Fruit Salsa 

Do you want an extra-summery meal? Serve your meat with a sweet-tangy-hot salsa made using in-season fruit such as peaches and mangoes, or cherries and black plums. 

If you love your meat flavored with sauces, these are some of the best sauces to serve with your meat. 

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